Advance Academy is founded in 2015. Advance Academy is Mukilteo’s only College Prep Learning Center provides Academic Enrichment and the Computer Science Extra Curricular Program.

Claire Lee

Claire is the principal of Advance Academy, a place where students can receive personalized tutoring and mentoring in various subjects. She has over 10 years of experience in education, both as a teacher and an administrator. She is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and discover their passions. 

Natalie Durland
AP, SAT, ACT, College Essay Tutor

Natalie graduated from UW with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. She’s an avid writer and intends to pursue a PhD in Virology. 

Yuteng Wang
ELA Reading & Writing, SAT, ACT Tutor

Yuteng is a Sophomore in Biology Pre-med program at Johns Hopkins University.  Yuteng teaches ESL Reading & Writing class, Middle School Book Club, and SAT/ACT test prep courses.

Eric Bae
Coding Java, Python Tutor

Eric is a Freshmen in Computer Science at University of Washington.  He teaches Java, Python programming and AP Computer Science class.

Shinka Mori
Python, AI/Machine Learning Project Tutor

Shinka graduated BS in Computer Science from USC.  She is a graduate student in Computer Science at University of  Michigan.  She coaches AI/Machine Learning Project. 

Nidhi Nayak
Creative Writing, AP, College Essay Tutor

Nidhi is a Junior majoring Computer Science at UC Berkley.  Nidhi is an award winning writer.  She teaches Creative Writing, AP courses and coaches Application Development Project course.

Richard Durbin
ELA Reading & Writing Tutor

Hello, I’m Richard! I mainly teach ELA, but I’ve also taught math and programming. I love to help students find their passions and become successful in these subjects.  I like to watch a good movie, read, work on engineering projects, or design video games.

Andrew Lee
ELA Reading & Writing Assistant Tutor

Hi, my name is Andrew Lee. I'm an assistant tutor for English and some of my hobbies are reading, kendo, and playing games. I also like to discuss history, biology, and anything new!

Joseph Jeon
Math Assistant Tutor

Hi, I’m Joseph! I am interested in dentistry, math, and music. I am very passionate about helping others with whatever they need. I enjoy going to the gym, playing the flute, and talking with my friends and family. I currently teach Geometry and Algebra 2.

Ashley Shim
ELA Reading & Writing Tutor

Hello, I’m Ashley Shim.  My interests include reading and writing novels, as well as teaching the beauty of language to others. At Advance Academy, I teach English language comprehension, SAT Reading and Writing, and more.