Comprehensive Writing

Objective: to teach students how to efficiently conceptualize and compose a compelling essay.

Week 1: Pre-write

In the first session, students will complete the first phrasing exercises handout, which will recur in every session, and complete a simple 40-minute timed prompt to help the teacher personalize the course for the students. 

Week 2: Organization

In the second session, students will practice organizing their ideas into essay outlines and practice writing key sentences like a thesis, topic sentence, or concluding statement.

Week 3: Evidence

In the third session, students will practice identifying, citing, and integrating evidence in a body of text.

Week 4: Approach

In the fourth session, students will discuss the four main types of writing (expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative) and when and how to use them.

Week 5: Literary Devices

The fifth session will cover literary devices, such as metaphors and personification, and discuss both how to use them and how they can contribute to strong imagery and diction.

Week 6: Post-Write

In the final session, students will have an opportunity to ask any final review questions before once again responding to a simple essay prompt in 40 minutes, using the techniques they learned in previous sessions.