Creative Writing

Objective: to help writers find their voice as a writer through creative writing.

Week 1: Overview

The first session discusses the definition and examples of creative writing and overviews the course. Students will also write a short piece in any style to create a ‘before’ example of their work.

Week 2: Short Stories

In the second session, students will use the plot mountain and/or story and character archetypes to write a short story set in a fictional universe. In this and future sessions, the teacher will provide examples of the topic.

Week 3: Poetry

In the third session, students will learn about several forms of poetry, including limericks, freeform, and couplets, and write a poem in one of the covered styles.

Week 4: Screenplays

In the fourth session, students will learn the basics of writing screenplays and draft a possible scene from a play.

Week 5: Creative Nonfiction

In the fifth session, students will discuss various forms of creative nonfiction, including memoirs and dream journals, and pick one to write.

Week 6: Alternative Media In the sixth session, students will learn about alternative forms of creative writing, including satire and fictional online articles, and write a piece in one of those styles.